Why You Need Your Own Website

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Fam, Im gettin into this new website and sharing with you my insite into this business we call music.

Im Dj Smuv, I wanna go over why you need a website of your own,


redesign-new-2You wanna make some in this biz, we all do. You gotta have something you own, Mark owns Facebook and Instagram and Whatsapp, Jack owns Twitter,  you dont. You gotta have control of your brand.


The message, you have one and you need control of your message to your fans. It aint gotta be fancy or even a monthly obligation, It just has to be yours,


You cant go far without branding and image , and you are limited with screen real eastate other sites give you. You gotta have the freedom to brand yourself, without comstraints.

Fanbase Building

You need to have a place to build your email list from. You need incentives for your truefans,  You can create an experience that evolves with you and rewards you audience; Contests, Giveaways and Polls help build enagegement and trust in your fanbase , and with a growing email list , you can reach them in an instant.

Media Consolidation

Heres Where Evreything Goes:  Videos , mixtapes, merch, clothing, albums, singles , updates, fan events, everything. You cant put all this stuff in one place any other way. The Complete Package, everything that is you.

Most Important , Its Your Place. You Own , Not Rent, Momma always said. Sorry , Its not time to get indepth on how to technicals, this just a wake up call to get you tuned into the Truth,

Ill be getting the real jewel of my blog started, fanbase building (Its All In The List) soon , so stay tuned.And Maybe if your feedback deems it necessary , i might do a how to set up a quck (mostly) free website,


Peace Dj Smuv

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