Dont Pay Livemixtapes Or Datpiff For Hosting Your Mixtape

dont pay live mixtapes

share meOr Spinrilla for that matter. Hi Im Dj Smuv. Heres Why I Wouldnt Pay To Get On These Sites.

What are they doing for you? What are you getting? How is being on these sites benefitting you and your career?

soundclick instrumentalsThe Answer? Nothing. Thats right, you get nothing in return by paying these sites to host your mixtapes or enable free downloads. No Promo, No Features on the traffic pages, no banner ads, nothing. What are you paying for ? Their Bandwidth. Yep , you are paying for Weezy and 2 Chainz and Thuggas mixtape badwidth. They get thousands of d/ls a day , and thats bandwidth.
Somebodys got to pay for that , and it aint the advertisers. Nope , lil ol you is what keeps those sites alive.

Im all for supporting your favorite mixtape sites, and I aint hating on em , they got their lane figured out. But with dozens of sites to host your music, why would you pay to be on the ass end of livemixtapes? Who fucking goes to indie mixtapes to listen to indies? Do You? Really? No you go to the front page , grab the tape that dropped today and get the fuck on right ?
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Why would anyone pay to be on the ass end of anywhere? You get more traction posting on soundcloud and boosting your plays and likes and reposts. I mean seriously , this puts you in peoples autoplaylists cause you are now relevant to their interests. Reverbnation , a clunky site with a 15 year old design, is better than these paid sites. You’re paying for a name, like Airforce Ones. Shitty shoes, timeless design, way overpriced.

Audiomack, GetRight, Mixtapefactory and slews of other avenues are out there and free. Noone cares you are on Live, if you are in the indie section buried under the other 200 tapes uploaded each day. Theres far better ways to spend your hard earned cahs than on a site to host your music.

Datpiff, you charge 75 now for free downloads now, really guys? Sure A&R’s look at these sites when they lookin at your numbers, but unless you are boosting , do you really have a fanbase yet to grab their attention? So fam, please , spend your money where its more effective for your careers, like starting your mailing list.

Oh and the mailing list series is coming really soon, and you will be amazed at what you can do when you control your own fanbase and the traffic they can generate for you.

Until next time, Peace

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