Why You Dont Need A Manager

Whats up folks , Im Dj Smuv. Today Im gonna address a question Im constantly asked by you, Dear Reader.

manager“Ay Fam can you be my Manager?”, or “Where can I Find A Manager?” or a few variations of this topic.

No , I reply. I cant be your manager. Managers are local. A manager manages your career and they are usually found on the end of several phones, making the both of you money. They manage you because you are making enough money to feed the both of you.

Ask yourself, “how much money have I made off my music in the last year?” if the answer is zero to $20,000, you dont have anything to manage. Who’s gonna work for 20% of nothing?

My advice to you is start earning money with your music. When managers smell money, you wont have to look for one, they are coming to you. And there will be more than one.

For example: If you get a viral hit, you will probably sign with a label appointed management. Don’t do that. Go find an attorney who’s in music law, and who has nothing to do with the label trying to sign you to this management. Get a list of managers from him/her. Interview them, make sure they have the time and resources to devote to you and your new celebrity. Slow this process down, the labels will try and rush you through the entire process in less than a week, so you are overwhelmed and high on the experience.

you dont need managerAnd wind up a one hit wonder, cause you didnt look at the numbers, or your pub, or your splits, and you’re bitter they own you for the next ten years and you quit making music. And wind up assistant manager at the dairy queen.

This is why you need a manager, see? So now you realize its a catch 22 question you are posing me. Get a manager just before you can afford him. Hopefully you will already understand enough about your business and career that you can keep him honest. And dont hire your cousin, uncle or anyone who does not know a thing about this business.

Do Not Mix Family/Friends And Music.

So thats how I feel about this. You dont need a manager till you need one. When you do need one, find one that has the time and resources to further your career. I mean the shows, the walkthroughs, the promo tours, the actual paid tours , the merchandising, the interviews and press work, the money , all that and more go into being a manager. Theres less than 1000 of these people in the world qualified for this job. Choose wisely.

-Dj Smuv

Your Main Producer