Why You Dont Get Paid Shows

why you dont get paid shows










Hi , Im Dj Smuv, and Im about to break some things down for you.

I get messages all day long from my fans , either emails or on social media. I send out emails inviting you to get a slot or two on my mixtapes/shows frequently and you guys email back your music and reply to me. I get four kinds of messages mostly. They are as follows.

  1. Heres my music , listen to it please and put it on your next mixtape.
  2. Im Fire/Nice/next2blow put me on your shows.
  3. I dont pay to get on mixtapes/shows.
  4. How do I get down with your shows/mixtapes?

Lets address this list line by line, shall we ?

Heres my music, listen to it and put it on your next mixtape. My reply is usually none. I dont have the time to listen to the 50+ songs in my inbox every day. When I started out , yeah , had lots of that , but since about july, I been getting mixtapes and shows and beats and all the other stuff done that keeps the bills paid.

Im nice , put me on a show for free. Problem is yes , you prolly are nice, but,  I cant give you a slot. I work with different promoters to help book their open slots. They have to fill those slots to recoup their upfront costs for booking the show in the first place.  Headliners and Venues aint free. This is the music business. Like any other business, you buy your product wholesale, and resell it for a profit.

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I dont pay to get mixtape slots or or shows, I get paid. I bust my ass making 2-4 mixtapes a week. They cost money to make. Graphic design, distribution, promoting on social media and emails are all out of pocket expenses. I dont get those services free. You dont get mixtape slots free unless you got something that will help sell and or get streams and d/l’s on the mixtape sites. Im not just giving you a handout, but Ill give you a handup. I dont pay you to get on shows. I dont have a budget for you. I pay the venues and headliners deposits months in advance. My budget is set before I do the first show.Book your own tour , and I’ll help you sell your opening  slots.

How do I get down with your shows/mixtapes. You spend a lil money.

The reason why you dont get paid on mixtape slots is because its a PROMOTIONAL ITEM. I dont pay Kevin Gates or Lil Wayne for they slots, who are you to ask for money to promote your own songs. You have it backwards. The reason you dont get paid for shows is if you cant sell 10 tickets to an open mic in your hometown, noones gonna buy your ticket anywhere. You dont have a fanbase, plain and simple. Sure you know a guy who knows a guy that gets paid shows, you might even be that guy. Thats great , Im not trying to insult anyone, Im stating the facts for %98 of my artists, you dont sell tickets, headliners do.

So if you want to get your music out there to the masses, you have to put it in front of them. Its not free to do that. This isnt 1998 and labels dont do artist development anymore. Labels sign hit songs from new artists , run them dry , and wait for a second hit or move on. They dont wait years for a hit from an artist in development, theyd go broke nowadays.

So dont get mad when money is mentioned for services from me or any other music professional. This is business, you wouldnt get upset about this sort of thing if you made a living in it. I do, this is reality, its how the world works.