Why Do I Suck At Twitter?

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How to build your twitter audience organically for free

Hey fam , thanks for stopping by again. Im going to cover some of the ways I build my audience on a daily grind. I average of 250 followers a day. Targeted. Real. Followers .  Its not hard and I dont spend a cent on it, just my time.

Im Dj Smüv, a producer from east atlanta. I sell beats and stuff and Im generating a massive response off my efforts of building a fanbase who is engaged and responive to my conversations.


twit two

Heres a sample of My first three weeks of using these techniques for engagement.

Anyways, I dont recomend these tips for everyone. Dont do this on a young account, rather once you get around 1500-2000 followers ( hopefully real ) youll be ready to try this. If your account is less than 2 months old , no bio, no profile pic etc, this aint for you. Get your account legit and at least 500 followers before trying any of this stuff. Im not reponsible for how you use this information. Nor any damage it may cause. Use at your own risk , feel me ? Oh and dont do this everyday,3-5 times a week is good and you dont have to follow as many people everyday either , I mix it up to avoid twitters filters, feel me? After a few weeks of this you will notice yourself getting followers without promotion, real organic followers, fam.

What you will Need:

1 A twitter account

2 Google Chrome

3 Twitter Follower Chrome Extension – Get it Here

4 ManageFlitter.com

5 Unfollowspy.com

6 Write down where you started: xxxx followers, xxxx following

Ok so lets get started. Who is your audience? If you are a producer this part is easy, You are my audience. How did I find you? I went to other producers accounts who are active on twitter and followed their followers. Not just any producers tho. I look at their following and see whos following them. If i see its a bunch of fake or low quality accounts , I keep it moving and find someone who has built real followings. I try and stick to accounts with 3000 or less followers. Why? Because these smaller accounts are filled with rabid and responsive fans. I dont know why, but I get better followers and less spammy followbacks. The bigger the accounts the lower the quality of followbacks are. Find artists in a similar lane to you. and make them donors.


Ok now to the action. Google “Twitter Follower Extesion” , click the top link, it should be this extension. Install it and you are ready. Once you  find a donor account, I go to their followers tab then Ill click the follow now on the “Twitter Follower” plugin and bam, im following their followers. Now, I tend to keep a tab open to follow my progress, because I want to stop at around 800. I do this to give me room later in the day to add people I engage with, and to keep from getting a message from twitter about hitting my limits. My phone promptly starts jumping from the influx of new followers. Also, I dont want to follow anyones entire list, I want the very newest and engaged fans who most recently followed the donor. So for thoise just starting out , i wouldnt follow more than 300 a day, until the account is over 1500 or so followers.

Now, to the second half. Now sometime during the day , I login to manageflitter.com. This is free as I dont need to unfollow more than 800 a day. Inside manage flitter, you will find options to expand your unfollow limits, including following them and maybe tweeting their product once, Small price for the incredible usefullness of the website. Once youve expanded your limits , you should be up to 800 unfollows a day.

Now go to the no profile picture tab. These are the “eggs” accounts. I unfollow em all, bio or not. Next I go to inactive tag, these are people who havent been active on twitter for a month or more. I unfollow all of them too. The I go to the not english speaking tab and scrap them too. Then the spam accounts tab and shake them off as well. Now You’ve eliminated the chaff from the wheat. The next step is the not following back tab. You want to use the order tab to bring up the first people you followed to the top.Now hopefully, you can find the place where you started following from. Ie , the # of following you were at when you started. Now, you dont want to unfollow anyone the first three days after youve followed them , but its perfectly ok to get rid of the not following backs you followed up to this point Give the new follows a chance to get your follow and hopefully followback. After that, all bets are off and get to work unfollowing ~about 800 or till you hit the limit in manageflitter. BTW this limit has no effect on your account like a twitter warning will. If You get too agressive following on twitter, you will get a password reset the first couple times , take that as a warning and try not to hit it too often.


twit one

Heres a snapshot of my following the last 28 days since beginning my campaign



Now that weve cleaned out the people who arent interested in you, its time to #SO those new peeps.Set up your account after logging in to Unfollowspy.com and in the settings tab, set up your Thank you for following DM. Never, ever include a link to your whateveritisyourepromoting.com,. Dont. Thats not how to engage people, and its spammy as hell. I just say Hi Im Dj Smuv , Link me to your music fam and leave it at that. These fans are often artists just like you and want fans just like us. I wait for the Auto Dms to start coming in. Then, I go to the mentions tab and say something like #SO to my new fam! and use the fucntion to send out so’s to all those new followers. This is also really really good for enagement and twitter impressions, you never know , you could get retweeted by a 1M+ twitter authority in your niche. This shits golden.

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Now the enagement part. You are gonna get lots of dm’s. These followers are often artists just like you and want fans just like you. I wait for the Auto Dms to start coming in , and when someone has a link in there, music or something I find interesting, I just say yo and wait for them to reply back. 90% do. I then ask for a link to their music, website or what have you,  a second time.  So now I have a potential fans attention, and I can usually get a link to their music, which I listen to , and hopefully its on a social site like youtube or soundcloud so I can like, follow and or comment. If its trash , I dont comment on their music , nor do i insult them, I will say what I like about what ever they are doing. Im Interested in them and they respond to that , wether its just a song or idle conversation. THIS IS WHAT TWITTER WAS MADE FOR – CONNECTIONS. Also, I never mention money, or ask them if they wanna buy beats,I never sell right off the bat.  Im looking to build my fanbase and get the one thing this whole article is really about, their email address. Your fanbase is all about the email list.


This list is where your fanbase lives and dies. Get them to give it to you , dont steal it from the bio, and shoot them an email on every new record you drop and then you can do some real audience building that you can make money from, But thats a whole nother article …. stay tuned for how to make a living in the music business ….

Also , ima add this fam. Domt be afraid to follow other artists and rappers . Think about this – Arent YOU a music fan and always looking for the hot new new? Its much easier to target Artists than the general twitter audience, so go ahead and use these tips to build a HUGE following in a few minutes a day.

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