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Are you sick of spending hours on twitter , searching for new fans? Are you bored with the drudgery and constant effort? You folllow people everyday and just cant seem to get any results at all , and you wind up losing more followers than you gain? Tired of sifting through peoples followers looking for just the right person to follow? Cant seem to get how others have a huge following and they only tweet 2-3 times a week? Never heard of twitter management before?
Whats the deal here?

Hi , Im Dj Smuv
You probably know me from my emails and services I offer and Im happy to announce Im ready to begin offering a new service for your twitter accounts after months of testing.

What is Twitter Management?

In a nutshell , Im offering to help you grow your twitter account on auto pilot. Imagine gaining 500-2000, real, genuine fans a month without lifting a finger. I take care of all that work for you. I will tweet your mixtapes , songs , and videos for you, not only to your fans, but my whole teams fans. I will favorite other artists music and they in turn follow back. I also retweet them too, and they will follow back as well.

I will follow accts that love urban music only; fans, producers and other artists will all follow you back daily. And if they dont , I automatically unfollow them after 3 days. You wont have a big mess of followers who arent interested in you or your message, instead you will have people who are engaged in you and your music.

Real, Live People.

Our network is nearly 1,500,000 real followers strong. By joining this network , you can harness its power on command. Imagine getting dozens of retweets and favorites on every post , automatically. Imagine a single tweet reaching nearly one and a half a million music fans. This is a team , our team, and we work with each other to promote each other.

Im sure you are saying , “sounds good, but whats the catch?” You can get this service FREE, in exchange for allowing us to promote our team and services through your account. No Spam , No Porn, Just A few ads a day for our services.

Why Twitter Management?

Other promoters dont offer this kind of custom work and attention to detail, and those that do , do so for corporate clients paying hundreds of dollars a month. Im not working for those people , Im working for you, the artists that need the help the most. Let me help you expand and move into the next level. Signup for our network and grow your fanbase with us on autopilot.


Fill in your information below and we will get started right away.

How Does It Work?

Its simple , we are a cooperative of rap & rnb artists. We collectively retweet and favorite 3 hashtags: #defstar5, #makeyourownlane and #mpgvip. As a whole we have over 1 million followers and every time you use those hashtags, we rt and favorite your tweets as a collective. In exchange , we do the same from your account. We will rt one of the hashtags, and favorite one of them as well. We will also follow specific keywords , if you include them in your application. You can use anything: datpiff, wshh and even artists like young thug, gucci mane or jay z. we will follow maybe 200-250 people a day and that will get you 10-50 new followers every single day.

As YOU grow , WE grow!



Only 1 out of 4 Applications Are Accepted

If you applied and you do not notice us working, theres a slight problem with your account information.
If you are asked by twitter to change your password, or to reverify your account by email or phone number, you must reapply using the form below using your new password and acct info. Some of you may may a mistake on your username or password, and some of you are trolling and entering information thats incorrect. Thats ok. If you applied and we do not contact you via dm or a tweet, hit me up on twitter to sort out your specific problem. We DO need the phone numbers attached to the account as well as the email you used to register the account too.

So this sounds good but you dont want the Rt’s/Favs on your account ? Try our twitter management ad free for only $24.99 amonth.
No Ads ,100% Real Fans – Automatically.

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