Twitter Engagement Groups

Im continuing my experiments in engagement ,and Im expanding to twitter! Im inviting you to join me in my twitter dm group to share, like, sub, retweet, repost, follow you and listen to your tunes!

This is a sub4sub, like4like group, so if you not willing to give the next man 30 seconds to listen and take action on their songs and posts, just pass this oportunity up and dont drop your name below. If you DO want more real followers , subscribers ,likes, reposts and listens on your music, drop your twitter @name in the signup form below and iI will add you to the group. Again, if you arent willing to put in the grind and reciprocate the love, please dont join. This group will be EXTREMELY ACTIVE and your phones will be jumping so come ride with us to grow your fanbase and collaborate on songs, get free beats, find producers, and promoters of shows and help with your music career.


Im going to add one last time, this is a twitter engagement group , you will be expected to return the  love shown to you. You will have a phone and or notifications poppin off pretty frequently. We are an ACTIVE GROUP OF MUSIC FIENDS.

We will be engageing on these Platforms ,so you might want to grab them if you dont already have them,

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Facebook
  • Spotify

We will be reviewing and engageing in posts and music, however, please do not post mixtape links, send the links to single songs if they are on the mixtape. We dont have 45 minutes to hear your new tape, we have 45-90 seconds to listen and take action on your song. If its really a banger, well prolly favorite and put that record in rotation. Let me repeat , if you arent willing to go to someones page , listen, and sub or follow or like, take a screenshot and post it back in the group, this isnt going to work for you.


Ok So Ive talked enough, time to see whos down with me, drop your @twitter link here and we’ll start adding you to the group today!

Also Note Twitter Has Changed Their TOS SInce the last time i created a DM Group – Please Follow me if youve signed up so i can send you the Invites

Heres My Link To Sign Up And Follow.