Be Weird – Sound Different – Stay True

Thanks for signing up for my free beats. I’m super stoked to have you on board and work closer with you. Im surrounding myself with hungry and talented songwriters just like yourself and look forward to making hits with you one on one!

Heres a pack of unreleased and very fresh beats.. Im hoping you will find inspiration and write to and maybe even record a song or two with these. Im shopping songs to major label artists and we need beats with hooks, and in the case of r&b music , verses too. You dont need a fancy studio to put down a great idea.

If you are interested in ghostwriting, Im looking for hooks written from a teenage female point of view. Once youve got our next top ten hit, email ([email protected]) or DM me the idea (concept/hook/melody ) to  my instagram

What happens next is a review by our staff , and a prompt reply with our feedback. If we like it , we will need some papers and publishing info on you for the legal stuff to be handled correctly.

If you need to know more details on the songwriting process or just want to speak to me (dj smuv) call me anytime during daylight hours 678 508 2941. Enjoy these tracks while you are at it.

Here is your Beat Downloads:

Nurfhurder – 678-508-2941 – nurfhurdr 133.mp3

Gravitas – 678-508-2941 – gravitas 140 D.mp3

Get Shwifty – 678-508-2941 – Nav – Go To Hell Type Beat – Get Shwifty 166.mp3

Testarossa – 678-508-2941 – J Killa Beatz X Dj Smuv – Testarossa 136 Gb.mp3

Beef Jurky – 678-508-2941 – BEEF JURKY 155.mp3