Hi, I’m Dj Smuv.

You are here for the 100+ free beats, right? Or Maybe the shows?

If you want to open for Boosie, Roddy Rich, Meghan The Stallion , Da Baby and more, I need you to fill out this survey. You will still get the 100 Free beat pack either way.

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In this pack you will find: Trap, East Coast Beats (and More). Samples? Sure!

With this 100 beat bribe, you need to let me know a little more about who you are in return for these bangers.


And also because:

  1. You are a unique artist, and noone else sounds like you or has your specific needs.
  2. I prefer knowing what YOU want , not what I want.
  3. This survey allows me to tailor my support and occasional emails to the things most relevant to you.
  4. I’m not the important one here, YOU ARE.
  5. Because I HATE SPAM TOO so I will send you an email with unsubscribe links if you just want the beats and bail.

Once you’ve hit submit, you will find a google drive link on the thank you page of the form. I will also send an email with the links and unsubscribe links as well. If you still dont have the beats just reply to the email and Ill get you the link asap.

Dj Smuv
Your Main Producer