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Yo , Im looking for the hottest new singles , from YOU!
I need your hottest song NOW.

One , as in A Song. UNO , SINGULAR,ie.


not a mixtape, not ep , not album.


I dont have time for mixtapes yall.

you have 10 seconds to catch anyones ear!


Ill reach back out TO EVERY SUBMISSION who follows this simple ruleS and give you a thumbs up or down if Im feeling your music.

I accept Youtube Videos , Spotify, Soundcloud and any other non-subscription links (reverbnation kinda sucks , along with itunes btw)

WHY? –

Im looking to one on one with you instead of hanging out behind an email, thats why.
I need your info below so i can reach back out to you one on one

So lets recap:
1) I want to hear your hottest song. Just one tho.
2) I hope you’send it to me in this form, along with some contact info i can reach you at.
3) After youve sent me your music, I ask that you hit the sub button on the next page.
4) Ill reach back out to you, and tell you what I think of your music.

Ok so im tired of being overbearing – SEND ME THAT FIRE!!!!

After Youve Sent Your FIRE ASS SINGLE, Please Confirm Your Subscription on the next page to guarantee your music review!