Russ Details How To Make Money In The Music Biz- “Own Your S*it”

Russ took to Twitter to school aspiring artists on how to keep their money when getting into the entertainment industry. The “What They Want” artist told his followers, “Artists : make sure you have an independent catalog that no one except the government touches (taxes) prior to even talkin to labels. There’s tons of money in music, y’all just gotta own your shit. Bless. Shoutout to the fans.”








He added, “Artists, if you’re making songs in your basement and not putting absolutely everything you do up on all the streaming services etc, you’re playing yourself and have no one to blame but yourself. Create a vast independent catalog, THEN talk to labels. Keep your catalog separate.









“The narrative of “there’s no money in selling music” is just ridiculous. It comes from the perspective of artists owning nothing. That doesn’t HAVE to be the case. Like I said, upload your music to all the streaming services yourself. It’ll take time but money will come. Bless.”











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Source: Twitter