Patchwerk Tight32

Yo I want to thank you guys @patchwerkstudios [email protected], @b_thomas_ & @iamtugga
for chosing me to be featured on your #tight32 review show.

I had a chance to watch the reviews, and have taken your advice into consideration
I was unprepared.
Wont happen again.

I will be back for next show – with the bag.

Ive included here a #PWRK #RMX of sundy school with more headroom,
just in case you wanted “to go upstairs now” with it. and of course, the smoother 808

And the stable genius , also with a headroom adjustment.

Im including my tag seperately, “just in case”…
Sundy Skool 6785082941 – SUNDY SKOOL 150 – Cm Pwrk Rmx (right click save as)

Stable Genius 6785082941 – stable genius – 157 Dbm PWRK rmx (right click save as)

Circle Twerk 6785082941 – circle twerk – 170 (right click save as)

Block Rocka – 6785082941 – Block Rocka 157 (right click save as)

Bih Plee

DJSMUV.COM 6785082941 – BIH PLEE – 170 (right click save as)

Dj Smuv Tag
djsmuv clean REQ