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Travis Scott X Quavo Mixtape Slots

Lil Wayne IS free but hasnt released a single record yet. Cant do a mixtape without music. SOooo…  We gone shelf that project till he starts droppin new tunes.

My next mixtape is nearly ready , and we will release it on August 20th 2018 rain or shine. I have 2 slots left and wanted to offer them to you over the weekend. This new mixtape features The latest from Quavo & Travis Scott.Check That DOPE cover up there and you’lls see its gonna be a BANGER!

You Want In?

We do an average of one mixtape a month and upload each cd to over 50 sites worldwide and have a promotion team guiding new fans to them everyday. These websites are waiting on your hot new music every week .. You Will Be Heard.

Premium Slots are $49.99, while Featured Artists enjoy affordable pricing for cover placements , first song on the tape , multiple songs, guest hosting and much much more. These cds are exclusive,  online only releases. We do 1 or two of these a week.


What I Need From You:

  1. I need the hottest music, no weak sauce
  2. If your music doesnt fit , we will refund you in full , no questions asked.
  3. This is not a review service. We will review your music after you secure your slot.
  4. I need valid contact information from your email to your cell phone
  5. I have space for only one indie name drop in the review; first come first served

Any questions?

Call 678 508 2941



#TwitterTrap5 Slots
Current Phone Number


Heres What We Need From You:

  • Twitter Url – You need to have notifications turned on in your twitter settings and be following @themixtapemastr
  • Everyday Email Address – Your paypal address is ok if you use it everyday
  • 2-3 soundcloud or youtube links of your songs – Emailing them is cool too, but make sure they are at least 192kbps mp3s.
  • Drops – We need at least two drops  – say your artist name and mine, dj smuv “say it – smooove” heres some examples that will help https://djsmuv.com/drops/. You can do drops on most modern phones, you dont have to go to a studio to do drops. Email Drops , subject line drops, to [email protected]
  • HD Photos for cover slots. most phones have a pretty decent camera in them these days, but we really need good high quality photos to get the best results. We need good photos , and we cannot delay a mixtape design for very long waiting for you to get photos we can use. We may skip your slot for the next cd if you do not supply a good , well lit hd photo of yourself. I repeat , send good pics or get bumped to the next round.
  • Be ready to collaborate and actively interact with a large group of like minded, motivated and very talented artists just like yourself, along with 5 DJ’s ,3-5 producers, 2-3 promotions experts and a couple publicists in our twitter groups, daily.
  • Once you’ve paid for your slot(s) using the handy paypal buttons below, you will be taken to our thank you page, where you will use the contact form to send us your artist name, songs, email , twitter url, drops etc. When I see this information in my inbox , I will have a listen to your songs and decide where to best feature them. I will contact you immediately if theres a problem, and you can email [email protected] , call 6785082941 or hit me on twitter if you need more information from me pretty much fro 8 am- 10 pm est.

This Is The Part Where You Invest In Your Carreer


Mixtape Slots


#TwitterTrap5 Slots
Current Phone Number

What happened to the free slots? Free slots are for our artists who have been on our mixtapes previously.

Why No Remixes, Freestyles or Mixtapes? Im promoting you, not Desiigner , not Drake etc. You need original songs that belong to you. In short , this is your time to shine, dont waste the oportunity. Noone wants to listen to yiu freestyle, they wanna hear their favorite rapper freestyle, just not you. For what its worth, Im not listening to a whole fucking mixtape to find your best song. You know what your hottest song is , send it.


Where are all your older mixtapes ? I used to do 10+ mixtapes a month and sold em all in the real world. Ive sold ~500,000 mixtapes since 2004. I never bothered putting my mixes online in that whole timeframe. I Didnt have the desire to give away what I made a living on. So any tape of mine from more than six months ago , some fan uploaded, not me.

How Do I Pay?  You use the Paypal button above. When you’re done with your checkout , paypal will bring you back to this page. Here you submit your music using the handy form above.

Who the fuck you think you are?Im Dj Smuv, and I said FUCK LIVEMIXTAPES AND DATPIFF. You wanna feature on Livemixtapes huh? Well I’ll send you an invoice of $1500 to get it up there. Datpiff? $75 and they block copywritten music? Fuck that , that shits for people who dont mind paying for migos and gucci manes bandwidth. Dont be a sucker, spend your money where it will count.