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I offer My Mixing and Mastering services to you  now.


I use Pro Tools for mixing and Mastering along with a vast assortment of plugins and other tools to get your mix just right. I offer 2 types of mixing: Two Track Mixing and Trackout Mixing.

Two Track Mixing is when you send your session with the beat itself being a two track mix ready to go. This is the standard way I recieve work, as most of you downloaded/purchased your leases from the internet mixed and ready to go.

The TrackOut Mix is when you have the multitracks of your beat, with each sound on its own track. This is the best sounding mixes because I have ultimate control. I can shape the music and vocals to sit properly in the mix for the very best sound.

Our mastering brings your music out to the best it can be, balancing the highs, mids, and lows, and giving you a mix that can be broadcast on any radio or television station in the world.

I accept files in zip form, consolidated from 0, not just pro tools files. Reaper, CUbase, Fruity Loops, Logic, audacity and more DAWs are just fine with  me. If you need help to get your songs to me , I can one on one with you to teach you the ins and outs of exporting from your DAW of choice, zipping the package up and emailing me the session quickly.

Please Call me – 678 508 2941 for any questions.

Heres A Few Examples oF My Work



Mix / Master options

How To Consolidate Audio Session Files

Ive collected a few videos showing you haw to consolidate your sessions for mixing on various platforms

Pro Tools


Fruity Loops/FL Studio




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