Instagram Group Post Boost Squad

Whats the move fam, I have some good news. After extensive research, Ive found a few tricks to get your Insta posts seen by the majority of your followers on Instagram. This isnt a bot or a website or paid service. Its a real network of IG friends who work together to like each others posts as they go live.

Thats the real deal. You have to , more than anything else , get likes and comments on your posts within 8-10 minutes of posting content. Otherwise , only ~10% of your following ever see your posts!

How do I do that, Smuv? My following isnt all that big fam.

Join us in our telegram group is how. Telegram is a free mobile app that we are building our network on that has no size constraints or blocks when you get too much activity in too short a time. Best of all , its not limited to Instagram. As a result, We support 5 Major platforms.

  1. Instagram
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter

Best of all Its 100% Completely Free – Forever

We currently have nearly 200 of you in this room and , we are growing daily. Our members are hitting IG Explore for 3 million+ hashtags! My Youtube channel has gone from 10-20 views per hour to over 100 from our network promotions.

It works like this: we post our content at set times of day: All Times Are Eastern Standard Time

  • 12pm
  • 3pm
  • 9pm

So you dont have keep your notifications turned on and having your phone blowing up in embarrasing situations like work , or sleep. You already have a schedule set so just pop in and drop ya link and You & we do the rest. After about 15 minutes we close the round and we go to work.

Everyone who posted in that round then likes, comments, reposts, follows, subscribes etc everyone else’ posts. It takes about 10 minutes of your time and its all 100% real. And the best part is these major platforms recognize this as real traffic and engagement to your posts and consequently elevate your posts higher in their ranking algorithms – IN REALTIME.

Do you need a feature ,  a verse, beats , artwork , label reps, radio personalities, djs, management advice and networking with people in the RAP and RnB Niche Only?


Come Join The #MakeYourOwnLane Squad NOW

If You’re On Mobile Try This First

Step 1 : Click This Link to install Telegram on your device and join the Mega Chat automatically.


Step 2: If Step One Fails or the link doesnt want to work, go to the app store and install Telegram on your phone or pc THEN click the link above to join the #squad


Android :

Ste 3: After Installing Telegram , then click this link again to join the squad

So thats not too much I hope. For this to work , you will need to enable notifications from all the group members. You dont need to do any of this stuff just come in the room say hi , read the rules ask me or the other admins anything and we can go VIRAL TODAY!