Lil Yachty’s Song “Mickey” Featuring Offset and Lil Baby Sparks Zoom Challenge

For the challenge, folks mime one specific set of Offset lyrics on the track before they “zoom” away from the sight of the camera recording the challenge. “Trapping out the back streets/Runnin’ through the packs like a track meet (zoom),” goes the key Offset lyric driving this new internet trend. The hard 30 Roc-produced beat makes the song even more irresistible.

For the Mannequin Challenge, folks turned stiff as “Black Beatles” played in the background. There’s no telling how much bigger the Zoom Challenge will get from here on out, but it’s doing pretty well in the early going. At this rate, the list of folks jumping into the action will only grow—at least, before the next viral fun takes over.

For now, check out other entries into the Zoom Challenge for yourself below.

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