How To Work A Crowd


Be A PERFORMER, put on a SHOW, Create a BUSINESS. It is really simple yet so many of my friends fail to realize the answers to succes lie within themselves. You can make a great income from the show business just using these 3 concepts and becoming a businessperson that performs a great stage show.

Be A Performer

  • Get Into Character
  • Practice
  • Be Sober(ish)
  • Care for your Voice and Your Body Offstage
  • Learn Microphone Control
  • Record Yourself
  • Look The Part

This is the obvious part of being a professional, but it needs to be said that a performer has a character onstage to present, therfore they should look the part of the character they represent. They talk like it , walk like it and look like the character. This character might be the actual personality for some, but for most established artists in the music business, they arent the person offstage that you see onstage.

Practice your character at home, in rehearsals and even better , at local open mics. Be fit , take care of yourself and your voice and be present and sober for your shows and rehearsals. You can improve your delivery, endurance and presentation by jogging while practicing your lines. Carry an old mic or something aproximating the size and shape of one to learn how to hold and control your microphone. This alone will put you into the performer category.

This shits FREE yall, you just have to put in the work.

Recording yourself can help you hone in on your strengths and weaknesses. Just use your smartphone and start using your camera for selfies that make you a complete artist.


Heres a video of XXXTENTACION Performing Live. In this video you will see him using most of the techniques Im about to break down for you. The audio in this doesnt have the crowd response but you can see the visual reactions as XXX commands his crowd.


  • Get the crowd involved
  • Make a lot of eye contact
  • Call & Response
  • Make women feel comfortable
  • Weaponize your show tape
  • Use the full stage
  • Crack jokes with the crowd
  • Spread the heat, start a fire
  • Interact with fans after the show

So XXX makes a perfect example of every one of these points in this 4 minute video. At the :40 mark watch how he starts his set. He comes onstage and tells the audience to come closer, turn on your cellphone lights and he wont start his set until hes satisfied. He says “Its my turn, Its MY TURN, I worked hard for this shit! ALL EYES ON ME – ALL OF YOU” Hes not asking the crowd. Hes COMMANDING them.

Look at the eye contact he has with this huge crowd. He is in character and isnt shy about it. He tells his audience while looking them in the eyes that “Im going to walk on you, hold my legs, I dont want to fall!” Hes not asking for approval, hes demanding it.

His Call & Response is no different than any great performer, this clip doesnt have the crowds response but it IS there. Watch how the DJ drops the music out for the crowd to sing along to. Watch XXX stop the show in the middle of the song to rehype the audience. He is weaponizing his show tape.

While not specifically addressing the ladies, or even using the stage at all in this video, its evident he does both. He’s loose and comfortable in the hands of his audience. At 2:25 you can see him spreading the heat into groups or sides in the crowd, starting the fire. You can do this just by using neighborhoods or make the ladies and men speak up “whos the loudest”. Its easy to start a fire, be creative.

While interacting with the fans DURING the show is great, being present and accesable after your set is crucial. Having stuff to autograph, swag to give away and kissing the babies can make you a fan for life.



You must treat your talent and art as a business. Because it is just that. You cannot be a success with no business skills. This is the MUSIC BUSINESS.

  • Always look to add people to your industry contacts list
  • Be your own manager
  • Create your own website
  • Start and maintain an email list
  • Be sober(ish), professional and respectful to people on your way up
  • Be nice to the sound guy
  • Be on time to soundcheck AND your show
  • Follow up for more opportunities

By being sober, present and paying attention, you can meet a ton of interesting contacts who may be helpful in your career. Even an open mic has a promoter, dj and venue owner. Leverage your show into your contacts. Follow up with these folks when they are not busy throwing/working an event. The can give you vauable feedback and maybe even paid shows.

Be nice to the soundguy, dj and various assistants. Be on time to your soundcheck AND your set. These folks are more important than people give them credit for. Dont shit on people on your way up. You might need them on the way down.

Be your own manager, you dont need a manager starting out because the income isnt there yet. However you can learn to manage yourself well enough that once you are generating 5-10k a month, you know what your managers real job description is. This makes it much harder to hide your money, steal from you and work against your best interests.

You need a website of your own, and an email list to go with it. You own your website, not youtube/insta/twitter/FB etc. They can shut you down anytime they want. They cannot shut down your website.

Your email list is your everything. It is your direct link to your fans. It is your money. It is your POWER.

Thats going to cap off this article, leave a comment below lemme know if you learned anything or have some pointers

Dj Smuv

Your Main Producer