How To Make Beats In FL Studio

In this video, I teach you how to make beats using FL Studio.
This Video covers important subjects like sound selection, major and minor scales, and how they create moods in music. We then go over creating a melody with harmony, 808/bassline building, adding drums, mixing, arrangeing and finally exporting the new beat.

So first we pick a sound and scale that inspires us. After deciding on the scale to use, We then move into creating a melody. After our melody is done, we move into harmonies to flesh out the beat’s concept.

Next up , Our 808/bassline is made using the chord structures bass tones, then chopped up into an 808 bassline. With the bassline finished, we then add the drums to wrap up our new creation.

Learning how to make beats we also cover mixing the track, using tricks like peak limiters to control the kicks and bass tones and levels being set correctly to send to the master effects.

Now that we’ve finished the mix, we can arrange the parts into a final mix that is easy and predictable for our prospective audience: Rappers and Singers.

After clean up and arrangement, we can then export this new beat and review , name and decide how to market the track.

This process of marketing and nameing will be covered in a seperate video so stay tuned.