How To Get Into The Music Industry – 3 Rules For Success

Hi – I made this video recently on how to establish yourself and get into the music industry.

In this video I cover 3 basic rules that cover 90% of the realities in this new music business landscape. This covers you not just as an artist but you as a brand. Secondly we discuss , you as content creator and lastly gettting it out there and just making your content available quickly.

I’ll break it down for you:

3 Rules Of The New Music Business 2019

  1. You are the Brand
  2. Create content daily
  3. Get that content out there

You are the Brand

Meaning you are the producer, writer, a&r, art dept, radio dept, the marketing dept, the social media manger. etc. You must wear every hat until you are earning enought to afford to hire outsiders.

Creating Content

You must create as much content as possible. This includes but is not limited to songs, videos, funny stories, updates, cool stuff in your daily life, your struggles, food pics, and also reposts from friends and influencers in your niche.

Get it out there

Warts & ALL, release everything, dont worry about perfection, noone cares about the last 5% of your mix or wether your hair was a mess in that instagram clip. Just Get It Out There.

In 2019, the music industry has shifted to singles. No one has time or the attention span for your mixtape or album. They MIGHT give you 15 seconds of their attention span to listen to your song. You must grab a fan within that 15 seconds or they will move on to the next artist.

Things move so fast nowadays, that whats true today , may not be tomorrow, so grab this information now and put it to use while its still valid.

Hope You enjoy this video and if you do, leave a comment , drop a like and subscribe. Let me know what you want to see more of and If this how to get into the music industry tutorial helped in any way.


Dj Smuv – Your Main Producer