Free For Profit Terms and Conditions

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Free For Profit Terms And Conditions
Dj Smuv AKA Brian K Barron

1 Artist(s) will leave Dj Smuv’s tags in place on All Digital Streaming Platforms (DSP’s) unless you

purchase a lease or exclusive of the track. Buy A License to remove the tags.

2 Artist will credit “Dj Smuv” in title of song on All DSP’s Unless you purchase the tagfree lease or

exclusive. Free For Profit Means My Name on Your Music, everywhere, or Purchase a license

3 Dj Smuv is not responsible for any costs incurred or implied for use of his compositions on the

DSP’s, Art, Promotions and marketing, mixing, mastering , any and all other costs associated with the

project is the sole responsibility of the artist releasing the song(s).

4 By using this as free for profit, Artists will at no point claim exclusively any streaming income from

use of this composition, and by using this work without obligation to streaming and digital royalties,

any income derived from this work NOT ONLINE is solely owned by the artist up to 1000$ (one thousand USA


5 Artists will not be permited to use dj smuv compositions without a signed and dated split sheet for

each song/record/work including artists stage name, government name , BMI/ASCAP/SESAC IME # and/or

social security or EMEI #, in addition to a valid postal (mailing address). This split sheet can be

downloaded HERE, and MUST be signed by both/all parties to be a valid contractual agreement.Artists will

claim no copyrights for the musical work of compositions by Dj Smuv. Dj Smuv will retain all rights for

copyrights of his musical compostions, Artists will claim all rights to their lyrics and or melodies.
IE: I own my beats, you own your words and melodies.

6 Artists will claim no Youtube Content ID Asset #s, No AcoustID asset ids , No AudibleMajic fingerprint

IDS without express written consent (lease or exclusive license from dj smuv). Dj Smuv reserves the

right to remove, block and or otherwise prevent use of his compositions at anytime and for any reason

without a lease or exclusive license. Artist seeking to upload to digital distribution platforms (DSP’s)

including but not limited to (tunecore,cd baby, distrokid, songtradr,,routenote etc et al) must

obtain a split sheet for each work (song) with dj smuv as well as remit %50 (50 percent of revenues from

DSP’s) by allowing dj smuv the exclusive right to distribute works through the platform of dj smuv’s


7 Dj Smuv may retain the use of distrolock and or any digital rights management deemed fit to prevent

unauthorized use on any DSP’s. Dj smuv will retain ALL streaming income collected from DSP’s unless and

until artist secure written permission (lease/exclusive license). Dj Smuv may employ the use of any

content management system he so chooses.

8 Dj Smuv allows commercial use of his musical compositions in the real world up to $1000 gross

revenues, individual or collectively from singles/mixtapes and or albums,this is Free For Profit and

fair use. Dj Smuv retains rights for all digital income from DSP’s (Itunes, spotify etc) and FreeSP’s

(youtube, datpiff, soundcloud etc) in this arrangement without express written consent of Dj Smuv

(lease/exclusive licenses).

To recap this document:
You may use this beat for profit in the real world. Mixtapes and other physical sales are permited up to

1000$ gross revenues in total. Digital streaming income requires a split sheet for each work and

exclusive distribution through the platform of dj smuv’s choice.Artist hold no rights to dj smuvs works,

Dj Smuv holds no rights to artists words or melodies. I keep all streaming income from DSP’s and

FreeSP’s collected by my Content Management Systems without express written consent (lease/exclusive).
I own My copyrights and Digital Asset Ids in eclusivity and perpetuity. Artist will file no claims

against digital asset ids without lease or exclusive rights in writing.

In other words ,by using this beat free for profit, Im claiming the digital streaming income*, you keep

what you sell in real life up to 1000$. My music is copyrighted, distrolocked, distributed ,registered

with BMI , soundexchange, songtrust, acoustid, youtube content id, audiblemajic and soundcloud isrc’s

before ever being publicly released. *Dj Smuv will exclusively distribute and split streaming income

with artists who have signed a split sheet and remitted sheet(s) correctly filled out and emailed to

[email protected]

Dj Smuv Splitsheet