Why You Will Never Be The Next Drake

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Why You Will Never Be The Next Drake


Yo , thanks for ridin wit me, yall. This lil piece is about letting go, having a moment, being honest with yourself , and creating for noone but yourself.

Im Dj SMuv, (you know what? fuck it, i always do that shit; type “Dj SMuv” when im typing, and im no longer correcting it , fuck it) And I wanna talk about feelings n shit.

Be You.

If you heard anything on my page/player thingy, and made it into this article, you know what I mean by feelings I hope. If its on this player , no matter how weird, overthetop, badly mixed, overproduced, or loud my shit is, its honest.

I was feeeling it when I made it. 

I was in a zone or something: maybe it rained all day that day, or i found some dope accapellas to chop, whatever, I WAS FEELING IT when I made it.

And you should too, I mean even the weird shit. stuff that may never be released. but its always interesting to open up a folder of songs you havent heard in awhile and go.

Damn I was feeling that.

I love trap beats, the bending basslines, the piano play, the string work, the hh magik, all that shit just gives me this feeling…

And I try and make those type beats, and

it just comes out sounding like me.

I get the same feelings off that beat, but Im never gonna be a metro boomin , Im just gonna be me. Im always gonna sound like me , like Zaytoven only ever gonna sound like zaytiggy.

The other day, I realized I needed to load up this new site with some beats to get some variety for you to hear. So I grabbed a folder of beats I aint heard in a while, and really noone had ever heard. I mean outside of my circle of friends and family.

facepalm-ernieSo going through the beats noone in my circle really liked, I realized , I was feeling everyone of em, and that I shoulda never held onto these beats in the first place. For so long , I let the judgement of a small sample set to affect my potential.

This Time, I let em go.
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Thats why them beats mostly dont have names. Just a damn number. Shitty marketing strategy , Iknowrite? But Thats ok, it dont matter cause they free, where the world and not a small sample set, can judge them. I’ve been overwhelmed at the positive response to my moments of being honest with myself and making a nerdcore beat cause thats what I was feeling at the time. And yall dont seem to care , I can see whats getting the most plays, whether its a number or a name, and yall got 0 fucks to give: if its a hot beat , its gettin a replay…..

My point is , do songs for the moment , for the joy, for the playfullness, the fuckyouiwannakillsomnsobadritenow moments, get that feeling into the song, tomorrow you will feel completely different, in a different mood and mindset. Capture Today. Be Honest With Yourself.

Put The Feelings On Wax, Fam. Be The Next You.

So do songs,weirdo lots of em. Weird ones, nerdy ones,really obnoxious silly ones, just do em , its only ever gonna be you. Music is about connecting at a distance, with just your ears, and your tastes to decide whats your lane. And let em go, put em out here. You were FEELING IT at the moment, somone else out here is likely to feel your moment too. Regardless of what your friends and family think.

Be The Next You: Dont Hold Back The Moments You Were Feeling. Dont Let Others Affect Your Potential. And Name Your Damn Beats Next Time, Dj SMuv….

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