DefStar5 Singles Feedback

Government NameArtist namePhoneSingles
Marcial LaraPikante Dmob3476648170
Jamaal JacksonJumpMann aka JumpMann Jay6783681596
Shaun YarborughDice Game Gambino6145962237
Paul MontgomeryMumbz4046040600 think this needs a mix
Michael JohnsonYoung Darius7652281213
Paul Dowe IIIPKilla Musik9105157289
Maliek Oldenmoda messiah7325516573 this a cover?
Carlyle Taylorknolo stacks4179876215
Charles YoungSolo Mob Cos$9728655532MIA
erica “andrew” wilsonwalt p the bad guy4042639458 a mix
Steven Ragsdalemegastar6309034919
Robert BellamyYoung Swagg2029100621:{
charles dunnCharlie Fed Up9123067780
Raymond VincentKidd Ray9854450382
dayquan williamslor quan4432359624
Jerone BlackStreet Dude Flench8327981793
Gregory McMillan IIDread SoloDolo4044579947
Jazelle Hendersonmnq8174958123
Audio Compulsive Disorder M.G.Weight8176920090
Field of Dreamz Ent. LLCRenz julian5105797071 doesnt sound mixed
Hoodstars Theatresmessenger neef7739980149
Jarell CrumpRocwell8174958123NONE ATM
danielle tennysonSa’Shade3134129518MIA
VizionZ aka Zeus6157663864 much reverb
Brandon Richardson8569933861MIA
Jamil WilliamsSkyla Mac9195145424
JOHNATHON MorrisK’Fan7277689646
Aaron GreenUSH3Times6147952613
Keith JohnsonKing 22166327370 a mix
Ayinde Jordanben frank4049718979
ULT ent3368146589
Parrish AustinTOO KLEAN3198308235
KiD Management GroupJ Will7082532580
David OtisRasta B6015733172
Sherman KyleVelle4406669272