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Paid College Tours And Shows 

This page contains the basics of what we are currently offering. They are subject to change as we add more and more features to our campaigns. We need you to use the form below for submissons.

We are now offer package deals when an artist locks in more than four dates. We also offer tickets to shows in which artist keeps the money from upon request. At the bottom of this email you can find out the process in locking in your slot.

The Usa Tour we are booking includes artists like:

Lil Yachty
Playboi Carti
Kodak Black
OG Maco
and more are being booked weekly.
We will be Visting Toronto, Vancouver,
The UK, Paris, Tokyo, Ghana and more , as well as
A United States Tour in NY, GA, TX ,FL, NJ
We also have Slots At #Atlantastan and #SquadyFest

Find Your Dates With Our Application Below

The next step to lock in your slot is to send us your government name, correct spelling of your stage name, and which time slot you want so we can prepare your artist agreement, flyer, and invoice.

Due to the increased demand of performance slots on this event, we now require payment in full to secure 5-10 minute slots and half deposits to secure 15-20 minute slot positions with balance due 7 days after payment.

The next step to lock in your slot is to e-mail us your government name, correct spelling of your stage name, and which time slot you want so we can prepare your artist agreement, flyer, and invoice.

Due to the increased demand of performance slots on this event, we now require payment in full to secure 5-10 and half deposits to secure 15-20 minute slot positions with balance due 7 days after payment.

Once slot is paid and agreements are signed, artists will receive our digital flyers with artist name added and official Uniiqz Global Summer Flex Tour information. We look forward to seeing you at The Summer Flex Tour!

How Does This Work?

College Tours Cost Money: Lets Break It Down.

A tour is a series of shows in different cities and states, in a short amount of time. To do a tour, many things are required and none of its free.

  • Venues Cost Money. Many college towns have multiple venues of various sizes, from small clubs that hold 150 people or so, to larger theaters that can accomodate a few thousand. It costs money to book these venues, from as little as $200 up to thousands of dollars.
  • When booking a venue, you cant just call them and send them some cash: the bookers want to see what they are booking, hear them and determine if the artists even have a draw. They decide if you have enough pull in their market to merit a show on their stage. All these decisions are made nowadays with press kits , of the digital and physical kind. No presskit, aka “EPK” , No Shows For YOU, dear reader.
  • Press Kits/EPK’s Cost Money. Usually they can be done from $150 to $1000. A presskit is not some pdf your cousin slapped together for you in Acrobat, but rather a a complete package of information on you as an artist, with your bio, your press photos, your accomplishments, your social media, and your music , as well as a ton of other things we will discuss further. Press kits go out to the venue bookers, the radio stations, the magazines and the blogs where they are judged for worthiness without mercy.
  • Travel Costs Money. Touring requires tour busses that accomodate the artists, the management, the security and in most cases the taggers on, like hype men , press, photographers etc. One trip , between markets just 200 miles apart, can cost $1000 , when you add the driver, the fuel and the bus rental itself, plus the miles you are putting on said tourbus. Tour busses aint cheap , and you really dont want to attempt a tour in a commuter vehicle anyways, what if you breakdown? That would stop an entire tour in its tracks just cause your hoopty dropped its transmission in the searing Texas heat.
  • Food Costs Money. We aint feeding you on this tour , outside of the hotel breakfasts and snacktrays catered in each venue. We dont have a per diem budget for your edibles, however , this may change as we get closer to the tour kickoff.
  • Hotels Cost Money. The tours we book have lots of hotel choices. We dont reserve crackhouse hotels where the nightly’s can be $30, we book 4/5 star hotels that are clean and free of prostitues and other undesirables, and you can get a decent amount of rest in peace and quiet. Often times these hotels serve breakfast of some sort , so you get a chance get some food in you for free before you have to do your market promo.
  • Market Promos Aint Free. Most likely when we pull into a town for a show, noone there has ever heard of you. What does that mean ? It means an empty room to perform to.  We arent in the business of losing money so how do you get people to come out to see you ? Market Promotion. Market Promotions can be but not limited to: Radio Interviews, Magazine Articles, Blog Placements, Flyer and Poster distribution, as well as street team/guerilla style marketing. We are taking a huge risk in booking an unknown artist for a tour, and in most cases , there will be a headliner that will guarantee at least a percentage of the seats will be filled. These are artists from either our camp who have fanbases in each market , or established artists in the b,c,d and even z celebrity categories, depending on their draw.
  • Tour Support is not free. Tour Managers, Merch Table attendants, bus drivers, security, soundmen and stage managers cost money, they dont do this shit for their health , they do it cause it keeps their bills paid.
  • Press Is Not Free.  A magazine, blog , radio station or tv show is in the business of one single thing. Selling Ads. They dont care about you , your song, your show, your bitchesmoneyweed and they have to pay someone to do a story on you , whether its a 300 word blurb on 2dopeboyz ,or a 1500 word spread in xxl, and they dont do this work just cause they like you: they do this cause you are paying them. Your content is really an advertisement, if you think about it.
  • Tour Managers Earn Every Single Penny the hard way: BABYSITTING your punk ass. Tour managers duties include , collecting the money at the end of the show, paying the artists and tour support from this money, taking you to afterparties for walkthroughs and fleshpresses, gathering your drunk ass up at the end of these events and collecting money from the walktrough promoters. Getting your drunk ass to the hotel where you might get an hour of sleep before he kicks your hungover ass outta bed to scarf down some shitty breakfast spread at the chain hotel , so you can be at the radio station ON TIME for your interview. He rounds up his artists to head to the magazine and TV interviews in that market. Hes responsible for getting you from the hotel to the venue for soundcheck and your catered backstage meal. He makes sure you get back to your hotel so you can rest and get ready for your show that night. He ensures you are at that show and are performing to the very best of your abilities. He docks your pay when you phone in a show. He fetches you theraflu , or tampons, or pretty much anything you need out on the road. He is ,for a short period of time, your handler.


College Tours Make Money. Lets Break It Down.


  • Colleges have lots of students in our target demographic. They dont have much disposable income , but most will spend money to go to a live show . They will spend alot if theres a headliner they have to see. We will book these headliner types according to the city and venues as needed.
  • College kids are tastemakers. They are ahead of the curve on new music and are far more open to hearing a new act than your average hood  types. They want to be there, in your corner, “before he sold out”. They will buy anything from mixtapes and albums, to tshirts,hats and surprisingly, panties and baby t’s. If you put on a great show and have a great record to perform, they will buy your merch, even if its corny.
  • Afterparties and Walthroughs earn income. Artists are paid for this type of promotion, cause people will pay to be around you and have a chance to meet you in person.
  • Publishing and Performance Organizations pay you when you perform your material live or on media outlets. Granted, its not much money, its still a check.
  • Features and Guest Spots. Fans will pay you to do verses or features on their records while out on the road.
  • Selling Tickets and Filling Seats Pays Money. This is the bread and butter of the business. The better your roster is, the more money a tour generates. The better the organizers promote and market a tour, the better the turnout at the halls we book.

So how much can I expect to earn?

  • Honestly, theres no answer to that question. It comes down to you,  your song(s), your performance skillz, your merch, your press skills, your hardiness, ambition and drive. We will guarantee that , If we choose to invite you on our tours, you will break even. The artists who seize these opportunities will make a substantial profit, and build their fanbase in the real world. You cant buy a fanbase in the real world, you have to earn it. A fanbase cannot be taken away from you, either. Think Tech9 , Insane Clown Posse or Yellawolf. Those artists are millionaires. Outside The “System”. They dont need radio, or television and theres an entire industry of underground magazines devoted to them.
  • You will earn new fans, HOWEVER,  you can go the extra mile by touching people. Every fan you dap up, every baby you kiss, every baby momma you fuck, those are fans for life. Tupac Touched Everyone He Met, physically, and that earned him a fanbase thats still relevant 20 years after his death.
  • You will earn a healthy respect for the business of music.
  • If you are smart, you will earn an email list of every fan you meet. This list is the most powerful tool you will ever have-EVAR
  • If you are even more smarter, you will earn the phone numbers of every influencer, radio jock, magazine interviewer, club promoter, club dj, tv host and every single person of value in each market. These people , in your phone, is priceless. With these contacts, you can book your own tours in the future, get your own press, get your records spun in these markets free, and so much more . Its not who you know , ITS WHO KNOWS YOU.

How Do I Get Down?

  • We get 200+ inquiries a day. Thats why we dont post our phone number. We will call and/or text you to discuss our opportunities. We might even email you, so be on the lookout. We wont spend much time hitting you back if you didnt respond to a call or text from us.
  • We will need your EPK. We are screening each and every applicant. We will check your social media, and your online presence. If you are obviously boosting your numbers, we are gonna pass on you. We Must Book Artists Who Will Draw Ticket Buyers.
  • We will need your government name and telephone number.
  • We will need you to be aware that we will require a deposit should we find your music fits our format. The deposit will be tailored to your individual needs, like how many shows you want on the tour, wether you need a press kit, or if you need a bit of artist development or some press exposure building up to the tour.
  • We book tours up to 6 months in advance and based on your budget is how many shows you can get on. We do take installments, and all monies you send us will be accounted for in detailed line item receipts every 30-90 days. We use your money to pay for your tour expenses like hotels, travel, venues, press and other expenses. We guarantee to deliver our end of the deal, in contract and in writing. We expect you to do the same.
  • When we reach out to you, we will be on conference call, with at least 2 of our representatives. We will answer your questions honestly and explain our services in detail. You will be on the phone for at least an hour , sometimes much longer. You need to carve out time for us when we talk.
  • Some of our artists choose to fly out to meet us in person and sign the contracts in person. This is our preferred method of working, but we understand not everyone can do so. If you cant make it to Texas or Georgia for this meeting its ok, just make sure the contracts we send you are NOTARIZED before mailing them back to us.

So Thats about as much as I can say on the tours at this time. Use the form below to submit your music/epk . When we are contacting our applicants, be aware we use THIS CONTACT FORM RESPONSES FIRST. Wanna get to the front of the line? Use the form below.

We want to hear you and hear from you!

Please Submit Your Music Links, Bio and Contact Information using this handy form below:


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We need your social media links just as much as your music.

We are looking at your numbers and if you have anything going on for yourself. If you do not send both , your application will be ignored. Please, be sure to use full links and not stuff like facebook/putmeontourplease or [email protected] type stuff. Do it right; for example – orüv-Themixtapemastr-111013208966897/ or  in other words, FULL WORKING LINKS.We have 200+ signups a day, we arent calling anyone who hasnt filled out this information in the form bel0w.


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