Music Videos

Hi, Im working with Rudi Deville and we are now offering you music videos for the lo lo. Call Rudi for more info and schedule your next video today. Call : 256-417-2692

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Artist Management

What is Artist Management? The name is a bit of a misnomer really; An artists manager is actually your employee. You pay your manager to manage things in your career for you, usually about 15-30% of gross or net receipts , depending on your negotitation skills.     A manager is not your bank, hes…

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Mixtape Covers

Free Mixtape Design Drawing WINNER! Hey everyone , thanks for registering for my mixtape cover competition! Im proud to announce our winner is BJ Lee with his “Lean Green Cuisine” Concept. I appreciate all your support and will be announcing a new drawing for free design in a few weeks! If you ned a hot…

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Takeover Your Backyard | Building a Fanbase from scratch

building a fanbase

Guide To Building A Fanbase Building a Fanbase 101. So you tired of performing the open mic circuit? Done with rappin in front of niggas with they arms crossed , checking their fake watches wondering when its their slot to perform. Dont get me wrong, open mics are a great place to network with your…

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Fuck Dj Smuv

fuck you dj smuv

The Mostly Complete, Dummy’s Guide To Dj Wrangling Hi fam Im writing this not cause im butthurt at the hatemail, but more in to educating you into how to handle DJ’s. Dj’s are sorta like cats, they are difficult to herd together in one place without a: free alcohol and/or b naked women. That being said, theres…

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Monetize Your Music

Monetize your music

Hey Guys , I cant keep splainin this over and over. You CAN NOT GET PAID from your music without signing up to bmi or ascap. You cannot protect yourself from this industry if you do not copyright your material. Im gonna be real simple and plain on this one. Others have said it better…

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Why You Dont Get Paid Shows

why you dont get paid shows

Hi , Im Dj Smuv, and Im about to break some things down for you. I get messages all day long from my fans , either emails or on social media. I send out emails inviting you to get a slot or two on my mixtapes/shows frequently and you guys email back your music and…

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5 Reasons You Need An Email List

email list

5 Reasons You Need An Email List         This is a very brief article Ive been intending to do for months. This is an introduction to a series of how to’s on email marketing for artists. As a rap, rnb, hiphop or whatever kind of music artist, you are constantly trying to…

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Why You Need Your Own Website

wheres ya website?

Why You Need Your Own Website   Fam, Im gettin into this new website and sharing with you my insite into this business we call music. Im Dj Smuv, I wanna go over why you need a website of your own, Money. You wanna make some in this biz, we all do. You gotta have…

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Why You Will Never Be The Next Drake

buy beats

Why You Will Never Be The Next Drake   Yo , thanks for ridin wit me, yall. This lil piece is about letting go, having a moment, being honest with yourself , and creating for noone but yourself. Im Dj SMuv, (you know what? fuck it, i always do that shit; type “Dj SMuv” when…

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