Artist Management

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What is Artist Management?

The name is a bit of a misnomer really; An artists manager is actually your employee. You pay your manager to manage things in your career for you, usually about 15-30% of gross or net receipts , depending on your negotitation skills.



A manager is not your bank, hes not your investor, your sugardaddy, your momma, your daddy or your captain savahoe. Your manager connects the dots, he gets you from point a to point b. He connects you with his network when you are ready to capitalize on each connection. A manager provides you with opportunities, but does not bankroll you in said opportunities. That is an artists responsibility. Managers are NOT Labels.

Your Manager Isnt Your Bankroll.

A manager will book you shows that sometimes you will pay for ,and others that will pay you. You pay a manager when hes secured you paying gigs. You pay him when you get a signing bonus on a label deal. You pay him when he gets you an endorsement deal with nike.You pay him when hes made you money.

Managers are paid to help you advance in your careers. They answer your inquiries for business. They make you do things you dont want to do , in times you absolutely dont want to do them. They tell you the things you do want to hear. They tell you you the things you do not want to hear. They are the one guy who will go to bat for you when noone else will.

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I have been asked thousands of time if I will manage an artists. For 14 years , I have refused. I have shied away from this end of the business as Im not a babysitter, and its not in my nature to babysit artists. However, Ive come to realize that maybe I was wrong.  So in an effort to help those of you who are serious and want to take their careers to the next level, Im offering my services on a monthly retainer For A One Time Fee of $97. You will pay me , like any other artist manager, and this is what I will do for you, for your monthly retainer payment. True artists management , the kind you cant afford,and frankly , arent prepared for at the moment , is available, just not listed on this page.

Managers work in concert with promoters and booking agents to create income and opportunities.

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These are our starter packages. I dont have it all worked out yet. This is the first of many updates to these plans as I learn what is going to work best for people. It is NOT all inclusive. If you dont have your BMI/ASCAP/SESAC publishing setup, I can do that for you,however It is not free to sign up. Im not your bank. I will work for you to copyright your music and artist name. I will help you setup your business accounts and incorporate yourself. I will get your music distributed worldwide on itunes, pandora, spotify and many more places that will PAY you to have their listeners stream your songs. This costs MONEY – It Takes Time – This doesnt come with management on a monthly basis. This is a One On One , individually tailored service. Your rates will differ from the next mans. This is custom tailored to your needs. And it is an extra expense on your part to do this. You cannot make money in this business unless these things are done at the beginning of our relationship. As an example , it costs $50 to setup your BMI, its $150 for ASCAP. Its $75 to apply for copyrights with the US Government. Depending on your state, its $50-250 to setup your llc or corporation. A bank will need around $500 deposit to open a business checking account. TuneCore or CD Baby charge up to $50 per project to distribute your projects for you . Its a minimum $150 to setup a publishing company with BMI and the list goes on.

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Bottom line is , I can and will do the work for you, butr Im not going to bankroll your careers. What i will do is give you a primer and introduction to some of the things I can do for you while we get you setup for real success and income. And Ill make it worth it for you in the meantime. Heres a few introductory packages.




Artist Management

All Artist Management Comes with Access to my Full Catalog of beats along with beat packs from dozens of top producers.

All Artist Management Gets All Opening Slots/Tour Buyins AT MY COST.

All Artist Management are invited to our weekly conference call with our radio and promoter networks. Ask our experts anything.

Please Take Note , Our Packages have recently been updated to reflect what we currently offer.


We Consult And Recommend optinos on your

  1. Image
  2. Branding
  3. LLC/Business License
  4. Artist Publishing
  5. Label Publishing
  6. Tracking and Encoding
  7. EPK
  8. Your Website
  9. Mediabase
  10. SoundeXchange
  11. Youtube Monetization
  12. Major Label Distribution
  13. Vevo
  14. Trademarks

And Much much more…



After your payment has been made, The VERY FIRST thing we have to do is get on the phone. I need to collect as much information from you as possible to begin our work immediately. Do call me at 6785082941 if you have any questions before or after payment.


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