Are You A Songwriter?

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Do You Write Hits?

Dj Smuv With Multiplatinum Songwriter Capricceo


Do You need placements in film or TV?
Do You want to ghostwrite for major label artists?
Do You create singalong melodic hooks?
Are You great at working under pressure?
Do you want to create income from you writing?
Are You ready for your talent to be groomed for success?

Dj Smuv & Kato On The Track

If You answered yes to any of these questions,
I want to hear from you one on one.
Please drop your information below so
I can add you to my team of songwriters currently creating hits!

I Need From You:
Name – Obviously
Email – So I can send Tracks
Phone – So I can txt or call with updates
Instagram @ – So We can Work One on One

This Is A Group Im Writing For Now

Are YOU ready to get this bag?

After you have hit submit, you will be forwarded to my Instagram
page, Shoot me a DM there and I’ll answer your questions 1 on 1
and get you some beats to work on.

Thanks for taking time to work with Me.

Call Or text Me 6785082941

Heres a few tracks We’re currently working on

  • We will split advances and royalties 50/50
  • We will sign split sheets for all finished songs
  • Download and Record on them
  • Full songs or just hooks
  • Send mp3 demos to me at [email protected]
  • I will review and get back to you within 24 hrs with my review
  • I will mix and master our hits
  • You agree not to release these demos ANYWHERE until I’ve had the opportunity to approve and shop for placements

Download Beats Here

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