5 Reasons You Need An Email List

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5 Reasons You Need An Email List

This is a very brief article Ive been intending to do for months. This is an introduction to a series of how to’s on email marketing for artists.

As a rap, rnb, hiphop or whatever kind of music artist, you are constantly trying to build your audience, right? Why doesnt your hard work ever seem to pay off online? Constantly updateing your status with songs that just get ignored on your timeline can be pretty depressing.

Why arent you connecting? You’re using the wrong platform.

  1. Email is the #1 tool for marketing online. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all valid content delivery systems when used correctly, but cannot compare to the power of email. Emails convert better than any other form of online marketing by 10 to 1 . Better than banner ads , better than google ads , all that combined , are not as effective as a small but well crafted email list.
  2. Emails allow you to build a fanbase and segment them into usefull categories. With email, you can hone in, directly targeting exactly who you want your message to reach. Got a gig in Austin Tx for $10 a ticket? Well, with your email list you put together last show you did there helped you sell 30 tickets to that gig with one email. Sound unrealistic? its not, it is reality and you should be using it building it and careing for it everyday (the email list I Mean).
  3. Emails help your fans stay in contact with you and your recent doings. You dont have to email more than once a week, and you dont have to always try and sell something. Be useful, or write little stories or opinion pieces. Ask for feedback on your recent music. Be Creative and They Will Respond.
  4. Email lists are free. You can get your email list started with no money at mailchimp.com or fanbridge.com. You dont have to stress about making signup forms either because they have nice templates ready for you to use built right in. You should have these signup forms everywhere on your website and have an incentive to increase signups.
  5. People want to be a part of the “Next Big Thing”. It is not hard to get an email address, especially if you have something valid to give in return. Be creative, I like to give reviews of other artists music, and while Im listening Ill ask the other artist what they email is,where they live, get they twitter handles etc. Its not rocket science , right?

I want to repeat this and stress this point as much as possible:

Your Email List Is Your Money

It is better to have a list of 25 diehard , album buying, tshirt buyin , ticket buying fans on your email list than a thousand passive,”meh…” type fans in your list. It doesnt take a big list at all , it takes an engaged one. Anytime you have an oportunity, you need to be growing your list. Get Names and Addresses whenever possible , so you can target them Austin fans before your next show.  Got a new tshirt design for your merch table?, Send all them buyers in your list a presale offer and watch the sales come in.

This is just the beginning , Im gonna show you how to start your email list in the next article, so signup below for updates on this subject and many more.

Dj Smuv

Your Main Producer